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Property Type industrial - production Property Size 161,763 Sqft Lot Size 7.26 Acre Property Tenancy solitary Tenant Building Class B Year Built 1945




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acquisition Date 08 Jun, 2017 Purchase Price $1,300,000

Market Trends

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Asking leas in Cincinnati Office Market

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2020 Avg. Asking Rent $18.39 2020 Office Vacancy Rate 15.35 % 2020 Office Completions (Sqft) 25,000

Cincinnati Office Sales Trends

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2020 Avg. Price every Sqft $106.51 Y-o-Y Avg. PpSF Change -22.19 % 2020 Office Sales Volume $196.3M 2020 number of Transactions 11 View an ext Cincinnati industry trends


Property taxes in 2020-2021 $51,952 Market Value $1,352,000 Assessed Value $1,352,000

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the total square clip of 333 West Seymour Avenue?

333 West Seymour avenue totals 161,763 square feet.

when was this residential property built?

333 West Seymour path was constructed in 1945.

as soon as was 333 West Seymour Avenue last sold?

333 West Seymour Avenue to be last marketed on 08 Jun, 2017.

What to be the last acquisition price for 333 West Seymour Avenue?

333 West Seymour Avenue was last sold for $1,300,000.

What is the building tax because that 333 West Seymour Avenue?

The residential or commercial property tax for 333 West Seymour path in 2020-2021 was $51,952.

What is the industry value for 333 West Seymour Avenue?

The market value because that 333 West Seymour way in 2020-2021 was $1,352,000.

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