Any transactions that have been made digitally available by the county this residential property is situated in

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Thirteen companies have actually been connected to this attend to through corporate it is registered records. This are several of the names: dust Monkey, LLC and also Gas Monkey Racing, LLC. 3 names are connected to this attend to through UCC records. The list has the adhering to names: Gas Monkey Garage and Rawlinger Holdings, LLC. There space three parcel lots, located at this address. Below is part information about one of the too many — parcel 006530000053A0000 Williams Office assets Blk 6530 Lt 53a Acs 0.9776 Int201300197117 Dd06212013 Co-dc 6530 000 53a00 6da6530 000 advertising Improvements. The property is owned by dirt Monkey LLC. The dimension of the soil lot is 42,582 sqft. There are 7 license holders registered here. This are some of the names: Socialized Monkey, LLC, Rawlinger Holdings, gmbh (licence Used auto Dealers). Ten allow applications pertained to this attend to have been found in the official registry. Right here are part excerpts from the permit #1602221006. The permitted work at this attend to was perform by Centimark Corp 972-4883 1313 Valwood Pkwy, Carrollton, Tx 75006. On February 22, 2016, the last permit for occupational at this attend to was issued. WHOIS records associate this deal with with eight domain names. Richard Rawlings is the surname of the registrant. Dirt Monkey LLC, the old owner the the package 01917900 30000--142---12, listed this resolve as your own. The ZIP code for this address is 75229 and also the postal password suffix is 4405. The residence is located in the Northwest Dallas neighborhood. The address\"s geographical coordinates: 32.887736,-96.9005585. It costs $1,210 per month come rent 2 bedrooms in the ZIP password 75229, according to HUD\"s Office of Policy development and Research. It may price you $1,352 every month to rent a two-bedroom populated in Dallas County, claims HUD. Charter communications Inc is the fastest net provider obtainable at this address. Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1 is a an innovation used through the ISP to administer connectivity.

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Declared downstream rate is 940 mbit/s, upstream rate is 35 mbit/s. The optimal 3 most usual problems in the Northwest Dallas community are the following: water/wastewater line find - scs (80 reports), motor car repair violation - ccs (fifteen reports), towing motor car - avi (eight reports)