Hilarities 4th Street Theatre functions 7 weekly shows and the deals with you have actually seen onstage range from homegrown Cleveland favorites favor Mike Polk to faces you have seen everywhere, choose Dusty Slay, Dave Attell, Ron lumber Jr., Dan Cummins, Tom Papa, Craig Robinson and Jeff Allen.

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Hilarities 4th Street Theatre is just one of the largest made-for-comedy venues in the country, presenting the ideal in nationwide stand-up comedy. Hilarities features a tiered showroom that accommodates 400 guests including a mezzanine balcony with 8 separation, personal, instance skyboxes seating between 8 come 12 guests each. The showroom attributes comfortable custom-made seating. Preferred seating is easily accessible for development ticket purchases.

Seating because that the comedy shows starts 45 minutes prior to showtime. Select your mirrors wisely, because that we exercise a no return, exchange or refund policy.


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What others are saying:

“One of the 10 great places to sit down and watch stand-up” – USA Today
“Best ar to Laugh the end Loud” – Northern Ohio Live Magazine!
“Best location to take it a Date” – Best that Cleveland, step Magazine
“Best Downtown Hotspot” – The reader Pick’s Cleveland Magazine

Current people record Holder for ‘Longest to run Comedy Show” September 2004 over 52 hrs long, 24 – nonstop.

Hilarities offers complete cocktail company with various specialty drinks, wine, beer and also a broad array the non-alcoholic selections, to add a minimal menu of sandwiches and appetizers designed because that sharing during the performance.

In addition to giving nightly entertainment, the showroom is accessible for big corporate team events. The theatre is designed and also wired for video clip conferencing, strength point, projection and state-of-the-art wireless sound gift for groups as huge as 400.


Hilarities Comedy Hall, which opened up in 1986, has been attributed with pioneering the renewal of Cleveland’s Warehouse District. Hilarities to be a downtown destination for Clevelanders for virtually twelve years, drawing almost 130,000 visitors annually, a number which surpassed that of even the Cleveland Ballet.

Over the course of history, Hilarities prospered in bringing fist not only to itself but to that neighborhood and also the city of Cleveland. Hilarities served up a hold of currently nationally prominent talent such as Tim Allen, Paul Reiser, Sinbad, Kevin Pollak and Louie Anderson to surname a few, as well as having spawned from its amateur ranking Clevelanders who have gone on to national prominence.

Hilarities has been credited with bringing the nationwide spotlight come Cleveland much more than once, including the promo of 2 one-hour HBO specials staring Blake Clark and Rita Rudner, as well as nationally televised taping for Showtime’s “Comedy club Network.” The Showtime event served together a nationwide showcase because that Cleveland talent.

Hilarities Comedy Hall, Cleveland’s Carnegie room of Comedy, was a proven reality in the revival and also continuation the Cleveland’s live entertainment community, leaving its note on the historic Warehouse District. Hilarities, based on its nationwide reputation for providing live laughs and also outstanding service, is currently writing that newest thing in the heart of Cleveland’s thriving Gateway Neighborhood, situated on E. Fourth Street.

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Must be 21 and Over Please. Two item minimum purchase per person required in the showroom Sunday through Thursday. If you have dinner in the restaurant simply present your dinner receipt to the server in the showroom and also the minimum will certainly be waived.