The Mazda Mazda3 is a perennial favorite among car reviewers, through its an excellent driving characteristics, attractive design, upscale interior, and an excellent fuel economy. The 2019 Mazda Mazda3 kicks that a brand-new generation the builds ~ above the success of the critical in both sedan and hatchback form, most notably consisting of the choice of all-wheel drive.

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The Mazda Mazda3 comes through a solitary engine choice: a 2.5-liter normally aspirated four-cylinder through Mazda"s SKYACTIV-G modern technology that allows for greater engine compression ratios that allow for more power and much better fuel economic climate without the usage of a turbocharger.

All sedan models get a six-speed automatically transmission, yet a six-speed hand-operated is accessible on the top-tier Premium hatchback through front-wheel drive. This is a strange however welcomed move, as many companies this days only offer manuals in your cheapest trim levels.

Additionally, while the Mazda3 gets standard front-wheel drive, every trims other than for the base version sedan have actually the choice of all-wheel drive, i beg your pardon is a rarity for countless other compact cars. The isn"t expected for off-roading yet it"ll sense what"s continue in genuine time so the traction is best maintained through a variety of conditions. This upgrade will include $1,400 come the price of the car throughout the board for both sedan and also hatchback models.

The brand-new Mazda3 attributes a completely redesigned inner that watch beautiful and also modern, truly increasing the bar because that all other compact cars. Every models are well equipped, receiving a well-integrated 8.8-inch infotainment touchscreen that"s a brand-new design because that the brand, in enhancement to a new eight-speaker sound system, reconfigurable gauge cluster, LED headlights and also taillights, and also keyless entry and also start. The only options obtainable besides premium paint selections are dealer mounted accessories choose a cargo network or illuminated door sills.

The Mazda3 come in 2 body styles, with four trims levels:



The base Mazda3 sedan starts at $21,920 (all prices encompass the $920 location fee), when the hatchback costs $24,520. The basic sedan is notably much less contented 보다 the hatchback, together the sedan it s okay standard towel seats if the hatchback gets leatherette sport seats.

The basic hatchback additionally gets dual-zone automatically climate control, apologize CarPlay and Android Auto, and also a selection of typical driver assistance features including driver attention warning, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise regulate with stop and also go functionality, and automatic high beams.


Select Package

The pick Package is only easily accessible in sedan form, beginning at $23,520. The choose Package is essentially the sedan indistinguishable of the basic hatchback, featuring all of the features uncovered in the hatch but not discovered in the basic sedan. Therefore, that receives the capacity to be optioned with all-wheel drive, dual-zone automatically climate control, apologize CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and also the aforementioned suite of driver help features.


Preferred Package

The peak of the line Mazda 3 grand Touring model regulates $24,770 because that a four-door and also $25,820 because that a five-door. Features include LED headlights, fog-lights, and running lights, animal leather upholstery, a moonroof, a head-up display, satellite radio, Bose audio system, and a slightly different instrument cluster through digital speed display. A $1,600 Premium equipment Package adds automatic high beams and also full-speed automatic emergency braking, adaptive headlights, roadway keep help with lane exit warning, adaptive cruise control, navigation, cook steering-wheel, traffic sign recognition, and paddle-shifters for the automatically transmission.


Premium Package

With a price the $27,420 for the sedan and also $28,420 for the hatch, the Premium package is the top trim for the Mazda3. This package is mostly the same in between both versions, v both receiving a head-up display, unique LED lighting, adaptive headlights, leather-trimmed sport seats, a strength moonroof, and also paddle shifters for the automatic transmission.

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The differences lie mainly with the hatchback version, i beg your pardon Mazda is placing as the sporty variant. To this end, the Premium hatchback receives distinctive black aluminum wheels and the option for a manual transmission because that front-wheel-drive models at no extra cost.