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Is your2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006 Chevrolet Silveradoinstrument swarm no much longer working correctly? room your gauges reading wrongly or no at all? Is the strength to your swarm dropping the end unexpectedly? If so, we offer two rapid repair service options:

Option 1 - OurSilverado Instrument swarm Repair service with a 1-Business job turnaround;

Our rebuild and exchange service options consist of:

All new backlightingNew stepper electric motors behind every gaugeSeveral upgrades to defend the odometer and gear level indicator (PRNDL) native fading or becoming dim.

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There is NO PROGRAMMING REQUIRED!Your mileage will certainly not it is in affectedLIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Our rebuild and exchange service alternatives are the easiest means to get ago on the road and the ONLY method to protect against a trip to the dealership.

Why Is mine Cluster not Working?

These tool clusters have actually a typical problem through the gauges sticking, providing incorrect readings, or not working at all. Instead of the unit is not the finest solution because many of the replacement units frequently use the exact same faulty components as the initial cluster. We will refurbish your entire cluster, replacing not only the materials of the faulty gauge however rebuilding all of the gauges v upgraded components to ensure proper duty with a lifetime WARRANTY.

LED Backlighting Upgrades

We are currently offering one upgrade that LED lighting because that our 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 GM Gauge cluster rebuild service. Instead of incandescent bulbs v LEDs offers countless advantages. LED lighting has a much much longer lifespan, is an ext efficient, operates in ~ a cooler temperature, and is obtainable in many colors. Although most LEDs are highly directional, which can reason bright and dark point out in a gauge cluster, our LEDs are specially designed to provide a 360-degree circulation of the light. This modern technology provides an also backlighting, as deserve to be seen in our actual product photos come the left. If you would prefer LED backlighting for your instrument cluster, just pick the shade you want from the drop-down food selection above.

Transmission Temperature Gauge Upgrade

All full sized vehicles (Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe) come equipped with a infection temperature sensor, but the instrument swarm is not collection up to screen the information. We sell an upgrade which includes adding the transmission temperature gauge, a brand-new faceplate, and also calibration the the gauge. This upgrade requires no added wiring or parts for your vehicle. Please give us a contact if you have questions regarding this upgrade. If your vehicle currently has the infection temperature gauge, there is no extr cost connected with the rebuild.


If your display reads \"odometer error,\" you re welcome call before sending in because that repair. This problem is repairable however is not part of our traditional rebuild.Attempts to repair a cluster prior to sending it to CBM might cause added damage. If excessive damages is found, us will call you about additional charges.

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Wondering exactly how This Repair business Works?

exactly how This Works

At Circuit plank Medics, our focus is on excellent communication, fast turnaround, and quality repairs. One an essential to achieve these objectives is ensuring the we have actually customers\" contact information and payment prior to beginning any kind of repair order. Watch our video to learn much more about just how our repair procedure works and how us can aid to gain your vehicle or appliance earlier up and also running quickly. Disclaimer: We space not responsible for lost, delayed, or non-repaired items shipped to our facility there is no an stimulate number.