This page gives details on Middle ages Times Dinner & Tournament, situated at 2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60195, USA.

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Place Name Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
Average Rating 4.6
Place Address 2001 N Roselle RdSchaumburgIL 60195-1907USA
Vicinity 2001 North Roselle Roadway, Schaumburg
Phone Number (847) 882-1496
International Phone +1 847-882-1496
Price Level Modeprice
Place Type restaurant, point_of_interemainder, food, establishment

Location Information

Full Address 2001 N Roselle Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60195, USA
Street Number 2001
Route North Roselle Road (N Roselle Rd)
Locality Schaumburg
Administrative Area Level 3 Schaumburg Township
Administrative Area Level 2 Chef County
Administrative Area Level 1 Illinois (IL)
Country USA (US)
Postal Code 60195
Postal Code Suffix 1907
Type restaurant, point_of_interest, food, establishment
Latitude 42.064945
Longitude 42.064945
Geo Location (42.064945, -88.076148)


★★★★★ danaan fujiwara

It was so much fun! Even on a night once it wasn"t also busy, everyone gained the crowd so excited! The horses are beautiful, the performers are amazing! The knights are ferocious! I extremely recommfinish world have dinner and a display. I gained the vegetarian choice and also it was delicious! I was stuffed and also couldn"t even finish everything! It"s a good area to celebprice a birthday, anniversary, or any kind of occasion!GO RED KNIGHT!!!


★★★★★ Alex Parkes

I have now went to 3 Middle ages Times places and this one by far is the biggest. The story was adjusted from the typical script they tend to follow so even though I’ve viewed the show twice before they threw in sprinkles from the traditional. The wait staff are type and also love what they carry out. I would recommfinish this place to anyone wanting to share somepoint distinct and unique through a family members. They additionally serve some pretty good food, so come hungry!


★★★★★ BigVideo Game Bri

Everything around our pilgrimage to the Chicago location castle was perfect. We took 4 teenagers in and they loved it. The staff are friendly and also seem to really gain the duties that they play. The theater location is clean and also well maintained. Tbelow is just one alternative for your meal yet it is wonderful and every little thing is brought to you at simply the right time. The present is exciting and well planned out. Younger kids will certainly not appreciate it as a lot yet will still reap it. There are plenty of souvenirs that that bconnect and light as much as store them occupied. I would protect against the museum of torture devices, it really does not set the best mood. I have seen similar mirrors at a Renaissance fair however medieval times sets the typical for this truly distinctive endure.


★★★★★ Paul Carrabbia

This area is impressive worth eextremely dollar. I upgraded to the queen nobility package and it certainly was worth it. Front row center seating ideal in the action. Food was delicious. It was hot and also out rapid. For 2 adults and also a 8y.o. with gifts and everything it was around $550. Worth eextremely dollar.


★★★☆☆ Jeff I

It wasn"t bad, but it wasn"t excellent either. Pros: Easy to obtain to and discover, safe household entertainment, simple parking, staff continues to be in character for the the majority of part, the meal is offered hot.Cons: Prices for items generally not posted, restrooms are lacking hot water for hand washing.I understand that feeding a large team of human being all at one time is not straightforward logistically and also in keeping via the duration the menu provided is acceptable. That is to say that the food was good, however not impressive. Honestly what you are paying for is the entertainment. Alcoholic drinks I believed were pricey, but delicious just the very same.The "tournament" is well done, however plainly staged. That is not to say that I was not entertained or impressed. The knights, squires, and steed trainers all clearly work-related very hard at keeping everything just ideal. Their manage over the animals was superior and also the battles, while choreographed, use genuine lances, shields, pole-arms, and also swords. Even if they are dulled they would certainly certainly inflict injury. Doing all of what they perform in the ring through armor is not straightforward and also I do not desire to discount their performance at all.I do not understand that I would certainly go ago aobtain or not.

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