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Hours of OperationMonday - Friday8:30 to be - 5:00 pm

Office lobbies room offering limited in-person services to protect against the spread out of COVID-19, yet the Alameda County society Services firm continues to administer essential services. Ar members in find of aid should contact one the the following firm facilities.Those interested in volunteering or serving the community are likewise welcome to contact the company through one of the adhering to facilities:Hours of operation for every offices:Monday - Friday8:30 to be - 5:00 pm

Calworks Provides: Supportive solutions Child care — Is noted to CalWORKs Participants if they get involved in employed activities. Transport Mental wellness — The Alameda County behavior Health care Services (BHCS) provide mental wellness services to eligible individuals in social Services firm programs. People can speak to BHCS" toll-free access line to receive information and referrals for mental wellness services. Access has staff that speak languages various other than English. Alcohol & drug Addiction — behavioral Health treatment Services (BHCS)also offers alcohol & other drug services to eligible people in society Services agency programs. Individuals can speak to BHCS" toll-free access line to get information and also referrals for alcohol & various other drug services. Access has staff who speak languages other than English. SSI Advocacy — Supplemental Security income is a federally funded program giving benefits for human being with details impairments. These may include physical or psychological impairments.Housing and HomelessThe Alameda County social Services company provides cash help or real estate voucher aid to households and solitary adults who space homeless or at-risk of coming to be homeless in the county. The agency also contract with regional county homeless shelter carriers to carry out emergency sanctuary for homeless singles and families throughout the county.

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The firm provides help for eligible households through the CalWORKs Program. This program can provide families through emergency and also permanent housing assistance, consisting of motel vouchers and also move-in assistance.Single adult eligible for basic Assistance deserve to be detailed with either: Cash aid, if they are currently in housing Emergency shelter and a little cash allowance for an individual necessities.