A classmate asks girlfriend to attract the structure of 2,4-diethyl-4-ethoxyhexane, which that cannot discover in a chemical referral manual. Attract the framework of 2,4-diethyl-4-ethoxyhexane.

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(Question continued...) The reason your classmate cannot uncover the compound in a chemical reference hands-on is the 2,4-diethyl-4-ethoxyhexane is the incorrect name for the compound. What is the exactly name?

Here room my steps:

I counting the longest carbon chain = 7 carbons = -heptaneI watch at all the substituents: 1 ethoxy group, 1 ethyl group and also 1 methyl groupI number the carbon chain starting from the finish closer come the ethoxy team (alphabetical order)I include all the substituents and also the carbon chain together


In this case, this is the name ns come up with: 3-ethoxy-3-ethyl-5-methylheptane, i beg your pardon is incorrect. Have the right to somebody call me wherein I go wrong, please?

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In short, her answer is correct. The steps that you have actually taken space correct, for this reason it"s most likely the digital homework tool has actually a key mistake.

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