So countless things can reason your Jeep 4.0L SUV no to start and also the crank sensor is just one of them.

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Now, to make sure that the Cranks but Does no Start difficulty is truly as result of the crankshaft position sensor, you need to test it, and also in this post I\"ll present you just how to do it through a multimeter in Volts DC mode and also without acquisition it off your Jeep.

In case you\"re needing a resistance test of the crank sensor, I dislike to call you the one does no exist. The crank sensor on her Jeep is a hall Effect type sensor and it have the right to not be tested by a an easy resistance test.

Don\"t let this stop you from analysis this write-up because the test I\"m gonna\" present you is really easy and is excellent in Volts DC mode on her multimeter.

Contents of this tutorial:

friend can uncover this indict in Spanish here: Prueba Sensor de la Posición del Cigüeñal (1994-1996 4.0L Jeep) (at: autotecnico-online.com).

Tools You\"ll Need:

Multimeter.JackJack Stands1/2 inch Ratchet Wrench

Important Tips and also Suggestions

TIP 1: The crankshaft position sensor check I\"m gonna\" display you below is an On auto Test. Although, the photos in this post show the crank sensor out of the vehicle, I\"ve picture the crank sensor the end of the car just to do it less complicated to explain the test.

TIP 2: To perform this test and also get a an extremely accurate an outcome you have the right to trust, I\"m gonna\" ask you to crank the engine by hand. This is super important, because if you usage the starter engine to crank the engine- you\"re no gonna\" get specific result.By cranking the engine through hand, ns mean transforming the engine utilizing a 1/2 ratchet wrench and also an suitable socket top top the crank pulley.

TIP 3: one of the most necessary things to save in mind, when trial and error the crank sensor on her Jeep, is the if you have tested because that spark and also you are obtaining spark, then the crank sensor is OK. A spark an outcome tells you the the crank sensor is law it\"s job. In a instance like this (where you\"re acquiring spark), this test will not assist you.

This also means that you need to test because that spark first.

TIP 4: The color of the wires (in the image in the photo viewer) might not match the ones on your details Jeep. This is no reason for concern, as long as you keep in mind that the connector locking tab is on top (in the photo), the circuits (wires) will be the same.

Where come Buy The Crank Sensor and also Save

You can buy the original MOPAR crankshaft place sensor a entirety lot cheaper digital (not the point out that the after-market ones room too!). The following links will assist you to comparison shop because that the crank sensor ~ above the 1994-1996 4.0L grand Cherokee and 1994-1995 4.0L Jeep Wrangler:

Not sure if the above crankshaft place sensor fits your specific 1994-1996 4.0L Jeep? Don\"t worry, as soon as you get to the site, they\"ll make sure it fits by asking you the particulars of her vehicle. If that doesn\"t fit, they\"ll find you the appropriate one.

Circuit explanation Of The Crank Sensor


The crankshaft place sensor, on her 4.0L Jeep fitted SUV, is a Hall-Effect 3 wire crankshaft place sensor. What this means: it produces one On/Off DC voltage signal that have the right to be easily measured with a multimeter, an oscilloscope, and also even an LED light.

Each one of the three wires that attach to it have a particular job come do. One delivers strength in the type of 5 Volts indigenous the PCM. Another delivers Ground. This soil is noted inside the PCM, too. The last remaining, delivers the signal, that the CKP sensor creates, to the PCM.

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The most vital thing to know, is that if the CKP goes bad, your Jeep vehicle will crank however not start.

Crank Sensor Circuit descriptions 1994-1996 4.0L grand CherokeeTerminalColorDescription
1RED/LT GRNCrank Signal
3WHT/BLK8 Volts (1994-1995)5 Volts (1996)
Crank Sensor Circuit descriptions 1994-1995 4.0L WranglerTerminalColorDescription
1GRY/BLKCrank Signal
3ORG8 Volts