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Natural rock Importer/Distributor. Us wholesale the slabs come fabricators only, yet we sell our extravagant tile collection to everyone

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Off us 192, West that I-95, across fromthe Western save on the dust road.

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Best choice of rock in Brevard county hands" down. Read the organization response! educate yourself about the process of working v a wholesaler and also fabricator. If you have questions, lug them come S&S ... They"ve gained answers. No pressure to buy to add a real love of rock and desire to education and assist anyone who has actually an interest in learning. I invested a wonderful afternoon occurring a good appreciation for the material and also effort involved in placing together mine kitchen.

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Awesome granite yard! Too countless colors to choose from though and also you can gain lost looking through the yard lol. The girl behind the respond to were very helpful in helping me chose my granite. I have actually been to various other yards and also they to be by much the most professional and helpful. Recommend highly!

Very it s not enough ability business, ~ finding 2 fabricators as forced they couldn"t discover my file work & had my builders calling repeatedly. Spoke through mgr & us were supposedly disconnected hmmm. Ns called earlier & spoke with owner & wasn"t satisfied with his response. Soooo conserve yourself time & money & buy in other places like ns did!!!

This granite garden is not for the homeowner. They will certainly not market a slab uneven you space a fabricator. Ns drove 73 mile so ns would have actually a large selection indigenous which to choose and also I to be turned away. The sad component of this story is, your parking lot was empty. I think they desire to occupational with a fabricator so they can likewise fabricate the price. I had my kitchen done 2 years ago. I won"t it is in screwed again!

We are terrible sorry for the inconvenient we may have cause yet we are a natural stone Wholesale/Distributor. It is true that we perform not have actually an expresso coffee machine and sophisticated facilities, however, we space a big warehouse with more than 12,000 slabs in stock (over 300 colors) and twenty years of suffer in this business. Homeowners space able come buy straight from united state if authorized by their fabricator although, as result of the legal responsibility of handling and also work with rock slabs, that is finest if the fabricator is responsible because that this purchase.