Committed to DC’s Future

As component of our commitment come the community and also to the tradition of Thaddeus Stevens, is proud to sell a $10,000 university scholarship to students native the ar of Columbia. The scholarship is open up to every DC college student who satisfy the complying with criteria:

college student must administer proof the residency in the district of Columbia. Applicants should be follow an undergraduate degree on a permanent basis. Applicants must administer proof of college acceptance and/or enrollment. Scholarship can be renewed after ~ a successful reapplication up to 2 times, or till undergraduate level has been achieved, whichever occurs fi rst. Student must have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 ~ above a 4.0 scale at the moment of application. Choice will be given to students native ANC2A with special education and learning needs. Scholarship applications Guidelines Applications are accepted online only. Each applicant should supply 2 letters that recommendation, a current scholastic transcript, and also a copy that the Student aid Report (SAR) indigenous the totally free Application for commonwealth Student aid (FAFSA). Each applicant need to submit a typed essay of no an ext than 500 indigenous describing the background of the Thaddeus Stevens School and also how this legacy results them as a ar resident. Applications the fail to fulfill the demands or room incomplete will certainly not be reviewed. Scholarship applicants may be asked to provide additional information. One e-mail will be sent out to every students that submit a finish application, letting them know if they have been selected for an award. Application form

To use for the Thaddeus Stevens institution Scholarship, please email your application form, offi cial transcript, paper verifying proof of college accept and/or enrollment, copy the the Student aid Report (SAR) indigenous the totally free Application for commonwealth Student help (FAFSA), letter of recommendation, and also essay to thaddeusstevensscholarship

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1616 Rhode Island Ave NW Located just blocks native the White house in Washington, DC, 1616 Rhode Island avenue is the headquarters come the facility for strategy & international Studies, a bipartisan, nonprofit plan research organization.

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In addition to the striking stone and glass façade, the structure features a world-class, two-story conference center with multiple meeting rooms, flexible office an are and advanced electronics and audiovisual facilities. As of result of the building's effective design and also green construction, 1616 Rhode Island Avenue achieved LEED Platinum Certification.1616 Rhode Island Avenue has actually earned the UL showed Healthy structure for at home Air Mark.