Pasco county does no pick up your garbage. Please click here for much more information about Curbside garbage Pickup.

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For any questions around bringing trash, furniture, tires, or various other items to ar facilities, please call 727-857-2780. You re welcome see listed below for embraced items.

Click herefor waste hauler contact information.

Proof of Pasco ar residency is forced for services.

For an ext information around Pasco County’s Solid rubbish Facilities and also standard pricing, please speak to 727-857-2780. Because that information about Pasco County’s Recycling fall offs, please call 727-856-4539.

If you carry items to one of two people of our facilities, please see listed below for items us accept. You re welcome tell the scalehouse what items you have so you space directed to the appropriate area. Garbage from external Pasco is not accepted. Please aid keep Pasco roads clean and also tarp her loads.

Apple Pay and all other develops of contactless payment now accepted.

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Hours: Monday v Saturday, 7am to 5pm; please arrive through 4:30pm to ensure adequate unloading time. Thank you for your cooperation!

Please click to watch our Solid garbage Facility site map to aid you navigate ours drop-off sites.

Solid garbage Items

Up to 8 bags the trash per dayNo Charge
Furniture$72.08 every ton ($3.60 because that every 100lbs)
Residential building and construction Debris (limited)$72.08 every ton ($3.60 for every 100lbs)
Yard garbage (limited)$72.08 every ton ($3.60 for every 100lbs)
Mixed Loads$72.08 every ton ($3.60 for every 100lbs)
Tires (Car/Pickup) - up to 10 every day$2 every tire
Tires (Truck/Semi) - approximately 2 per day$10 per tire
Air Conditioners$3
Metal (Residential)No fee (unless in a blended load)
Tare Weight$2

Household Hazardous garbage Items

The household Hazardous Waste center is easily accessible to Pasco County residents during regular hours. However, if you need assistance, or you want your container back, the hrs are Tuesday, Thursday and also last Saturday the the month native 8:00 to be to 2:00 pm

Computer Monitor, Tower, or Laptop$5
Propane Tank - 20lbs$3
Propane Tank - 50lbs$5
TV - up to 35"$5
TV - 36" and up, Projection, or Console$10

Household Hazardous garbage Items in ~ No Charge

AcetoneAerosol CansAntifreeze
BallastsBattery AcidCleaning Chemicals
FertilizersFluorescent light Bulbs or CFL’sHousehold Batteries
Gasoline or Diesel FuelLatex PaintLead acid Batteries
Mineral SpiritsPool ChemicalsPower Steering Fluid
Rust RemoversThermostatsThinners
Transmission FluidUsed engine OilWood Stains