The Uesugi Pumpkin Park is ago again this autumn for that 34th year in Morgan Hill.

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A brand-new business entity, MH Pumpkins LLC, operates the legend pumpkin extravaganza under a brand-new name, Morgan Hill Pumpkin Park at Uesugi Farms, if owner Uesugi Farms continues the liquidation the its giant vegetable farming operation.

Joe Aiello, that Morgan Hill, the owner the Uesugi Farms, stated in one interview this week in ~ the Monterey roadway pumpkin park the he expects the seasonal attraction to be bigger and much better than ever, in spite of the continuing struggles the his family businesses.

Workers in ~ the pumpkin park this week to be busy putting the finishing touches on all of the favorite attractions—the huge corn maze, two miniature trains, scarecrows and of course, 10s of hundreds of pumpkins in every shapes and also sizes.

Crystal Melton, general manager that the brand-new company, said the park this year is including a huge kids’ slide to its food selection of fun, and also has added more lights so the hayrides will continue until closing time.

Previous years have actually attracted up to 100,000 civilization through the park’s five-week season. The park opens Sept. 28 and continues with the month of October. The autumn attraction, at 14485 Monterey Road, has a san Martin address, but it is situated within Morgan Hill’s southerly boundary.

Melton added that she designed the corn maze this season to salary tribute to regional heroes—first responders. 

“In addition to the corn maze, we will certainly be hold a ‘first responders day’ so that anyone who reflects proof of employed will get 25 percent off all ticket booth sales and one cost-free pumpkin through purchase,” she said. “From 3pm-6pm us will have multiple policemans from different departments here together with their vehicles. Friend will have actually the chance to take it a photo with a fire truck and/or cop car and pay your respects and also thank every these first responders who obtain up every morning to keep every one of us safe.”

MH Pumpkins was created in at an early stage February, ~ Gilroy-based Uesugi farms had announced in January it would be shutting under its extensive farming operations and selling off every one of its farm equipment. The new company also operates the Spina farms Pumpkin spot a couple of miles north, at the edge of Santa Teresa Boulevard and Bailey Avenue between San Jose and Morgan Hill, follow to Melton. Gary Tognetti the B&T Farms, 4790 Monterey roadway in Gilroy is detailed as the primary member that MH Pumpkins.

Uesugi farms was a significant regional producer the a multitude of crops including peppers, corn and pumpkins. The planted no plants in 2019.

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General manager Pete Aiello, Joe Aiello’s son, said AgNet West in 2018 that labor costs and accessibility had put a stress, overload on the family business. 

“It’s to be an ongoing trouble for number of years for us, but it’s end up being severely dire in the last three years,” Aiello said the farm yard magazine. “It’s acquired to a allude where our organization does not have actually a sustainable model.” 

The liquidation auctions began later the year.

Pete Aiello this week stated in an email to this newspaper, “We’re hanging in there.”

“With regard to the liquidation that Uesugi Farms, unfortunately, it’s quiet ongoing, so ns can’t yet comment.”