Property type Retail for Lease : Shopping facility Unit Sq Ft Range2,000 - 29,000Annual Rate/Sq Ft$15.50Monthly Price Range$2,583.00 - 37,458.00Service TypeNNN

We are pleased to present for lease in-line room in Waterville’s finest retail location, Elm Plaza. This is an ideal location simply off I-95, leave 35. Anchors include Hannaford and also JCPenney, and a new Hobby Lobby. Abutters include Walmart Superstore, house Depot, Staples and also Harbor Fright Tools.

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All information based upon the many recently easily accessible data (updated annually) and is detailed in 1-mile, 3-mile, and 5-mile radii (radiuses) that the residential property location.

1-Mile 3-Miles 5-Miles
Total Population5,04625,18532,788
Population median Age364041
Population by Age0-9 Yrs577 (11%)2487 (9%)3086 (9%)
10-19 Yrs961 (19%)3898 (15%)4761 (14%)
20-29 Yrs783 (15%)3497 (13%)4248 (12%)
30-39 Yrs594 (11%)2760 (10%)3517 (10%)
40-49 Yrs537 (10%)3191 (12%)4093 (12%)
50-59 Yrs553 (10%)3266 (12%)4622 (14%)
60-69 Yrs586 (11%)2989 (11%)4246 (12%)
70+ Yrs455 (9%)3097 (12%)4215 (12%)
Median HH Income$40,613$41,040$43,367
Total family members Income

Population readjust Last Two decades - add to Projection

2000%2010%2020%2030MaineKennebec CountySomerset County

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