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"Area number one best neighbourhood in South Florida to raise your youngsters in a safe neighborhood via lots of equestrian activities And Much more. It is an absolute sanctuary"
"Many kind of families in the location, parks, many kind of locations of worship, grocery store, mall, entertainment, dining out spots, etc "
"It’s easy to acquire here and also close to Sawgrass Mall and also so many restaurants. My favorite point about it is that tright here are just 2 entrance into the Acres from sunclimb."
"trees reside everywhere other than that plantion acres is a family members friendly area extremely recommfinished."
"It’s in west west and west. I miss out on old plantation acres before 1990 however it’s still a household orientation. It’s safe and also everyone looks out for each other. "
"Equestrian Park, playground, walking courses at park. Close to significant shopping - Sawgrass Mills. Easy access to highmeans, several plazas with grocery choices."
"The Acres only sidewalk is Hiatus which accommodays bikers, steeds,human walkers and runners, as well as our fur-babies. It is the safest area to for these activities. You will realize 118th is pretty busy yet the other inner roadways reprimary quiet, as lengthy as you reprimary vigilant."
"There’s a lot of new households in the community. It’s a fairly safe area, and also tbelow are parks for youngsters. "
"Have lived herein Plantation Acres for over 40 years and also still feel best residential area in South Florida. "
"I don’t live in plantation acres. I live in Jacaranda. Jacaranda is an excellent location to live and also is extremely safe and clean."
"This is an excellent area for households via young children, preteens, and also adolescents, and also retirees. It is additionally a equine community, were it is safe to ride equines."
"Dogs are welcome, country living in the city, no sidewalks as it is a community for equines and also cows."
"the areas are great and also the parks are additionally goodand people have actually dogs that are nice and also the sidewalks are good"
"Reworn down, excellent accessibility to freemeans and shopping. Equestrian community. extremely interenergetic area, while tright here is no HOA we have monthly meetings to store our neighborhood safe and also promote businesses in it. "
"Great locations to walk our dog. Friendly area, Equestria space, farm pets, reasonably quiet in Middle Acres."
"Very dog friendly through parks and also excellent walking locations. Tright here are many type of dog owners in the neighborhood, in which all are well behaved while walking "
"I love living at Plantation Acres. It’s an extremely quiet and household oriented. It consists of a range of animals such as equines, roosters, cats, dogs to name a couple of pets. I hope in the near future, the city adds sidewalks and dorm drains for s’even more beautiful community."
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13680 NW 14th St #25, Sunclimb, FL 33323 is a building constructed in 2008. This residential property is not presently easily accessible for sale.

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