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99 years back today: The Neptune Theatre opened up as the U-Neptune Theatre top top November 16, 1921. The only survivor that five theaters developed during the silent film era, it was a modern-day theater designed for the best motion picture entertainment. We hope to expand much more on the background of the theatre and also the area in the months front!

LAST opportunity Our Pop-Up Blood Drive through Bloodworks Northwest end tomorrow! There"s still time, register now -->

memory an icon who spent his life getting into great Trouble! join audiences from across the country for a nationwide watch of the riveting new documentary man Lewis: good Trouble, adhered to by a live digital panel ~ above Monday, September 21 in ~ 4pm PST, featuring the film’s director and civil rights advocates as castle talk around Representative Lewis’s heritage of do not be afraid protest and also how we have the right to keep his campaign for righteousness alive. Rental the film right here --> register for the Panel conversation here -->

assist local hospitals obtain through this liven season - publication your appointment through Bloodworks Northwest and also join us at The Neptune Theatre! currently through October third -->

end 100 present posters are available to bid ~ above in our online auction Our annual fundraiser, Reopening Doors to the art 2021, supports Seattle Theatre Group"s mission to create enriching experiences in the arts, engage diverse surfacetoairnewyork.communities, and also steward historic theatres. Every donations will certainly be suitable 1:1! tune in because that a special free virtual occasion this Saturday, may 15th in ~ 5:30 pm PT:

PUP - Streaming Show! : Friday, October 23rd in ~ 6:00pm PST (+ 72 hour rebroadcast!) : $13.00 (not including fees) gain your ticket + merch today! -->

connect with friends + support our theatres while ours stages are dark! STG’s Curtain call fundraiser follows current safety guidelines while offering distinctive experiences at our Paramount, Moore + Neptune Theatres. Arrangement a movie night, light up ours marquees through your very own message, assistance theatre access for neighborhood artists + so lot more. ... Her donations room our lifeline -->

an additional streaming present from Sylvan Esso tomorrow: December first at 6pm PST! This from The Satellite digital performance traction from the duo"s brand-new album surfacetoairnewyork.complimentary Love, and also What Now, your self-titled debut, and everything in between. What a treat ticket -->

gain a streaming matinee performances indigenous The Jayhawks this Sunday in ~ 1pm PST! tickets at

A post from ours sponsors, Starbucks obtain READY TO poll - You’ve got the power to make her voice heard. Obtain registered and make a plan to poll for the candidates and issues you believe in.

The first Bloodworks Northwest Pop-Up hosted at The big Theatre resulted in 578 registered donors, of which 158 offered for the very first time! though shows and concerts room still ~ above pause, helping the neighborhood doesn’t prevent - note your calendars and sign up today:

In anticipation the the forthsurfacetoairnewyork.coming live boxset A Dream in the Dark: Two years of Okkeril river Live, Okkervil River will revive your highly renowned Rarities & Requests present format because that one evening only! acquire your ticket + merch majority here:

We advice Congress, SenatorPatty Murray and also Senator Maria Cantwell to pass the conserve Our stages Act to save our independent live to chat venues and extend pandemic unemployment assistance to help our thousands of struggling workers --> Our country venues and their countless workers room struggling to make it through - v no fault of their very own - and need aid NOW. #SaveOurStages #extendPUA

A heartfelt thank you to all who assistance us + the arts! us are extending our gratitude in the form of a FREE, outstanding performance. RSVP to join us on December 4th as Jazz at Lincoln facility presents The Democracy! Suite featuring the Jazz in ~ Lincoln facility Orchestra Septet v Wynton Marsalis! RSVP for your cost-free access -->

tune in this Thursday, December 10th because that Parquet Courts" concert livestream and retrospective in solemn event of the 10th anniversary of their very first show. Tickets room on sale currently -->

TODAY: Perfume Genius Live indigenous the royal residence Theater! --> display starts at 12:00pm PST and also the vapor will be obtainable through Sunday, September 20 in ~ midnight, PST.... Perfume Genius will certainly be join by a 6 piece band and also a string quartet and the set will ensurfacetoairnewyork.compass music off his freshly released album collection My heart On Fire Immediately.

Announcing a brand new Winter 2020 Digital Season that supplies a varied lineup that music, dance, and also holiday performances the entire family deserve to enjoy from home! ...Tickets + more: v both cost-free and ticketed events, the collection includes a variety of online performances featuring innovative artists and also works from anywhere the world.

Hello winter! tonight at 6pm PST: Robin Pecknold (of Fleet Foxes) Performing Solo Acoustic - A very Lonely Solstice Livestream -->

ours Pop-Up Blood Drive through Bloodworks Northwest start this Sunday Register this particular day -->

It has actually been 210+ DAYS because the last live music event in Washington State. We need to act now to stop our music venues from irreversible closure - wisit store Music Live Washington surfacetoairnewyork.come find much more info and make a donation.

2101 N Northlake means 98103 Seattle, WA, US

+1 206-684-4075

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