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Via message Message:

You deserve to reach St. Mark"s family Medicine via message message.

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Text: 801-265-2000

Patients registered with our website have access to our surfacetoairnewyork.com message system and also can send emails directly to their physician or the office.

In stimulate to use this business visit the Send a post to her DoctororSend a blog post to the Office page, located under the patient solutions tab.

During company Hours:

You deserve to reach St. Mark"s household Medicine during company hours (8-5, M-F) by phone.

Clinic Phone: 801-265-2000

After hours Care:

St. Mark"s family Medicine has an after-hours answering business with a physician available 24x7 that can assist you throughout non-business hours.

To contact them, please speak to the clinic in ~ 801-265-2000

Emergecy contact Information:

In instance of emergency, constantly dial 911.

Clinic Location:

St. Mark"s family members Medicine is situated at:

1250 east 3900 South, Suite 260 Salt Lake City, UT 84124

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