No matter your musical style or preference, us can aid you explore your passion for music in ~ Guitar center North Portland. It’s no just about wanting to play music; it’s around finding the right instrument, equipment and also accessories to truly aid bring her dream come life. Native picking out your first guitar come finding the best lighting or sound equipment for your following live gig, we’re here to assist you make the music you desire to. There’s something for every music lover at Guitar center North Portland. Let us help you find exactly what you require to obtain the display going.

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Shop peak Brands in ~ Our Portland Music save

After you’ve obtained your instrument, you have the right to kick points up a notch with the appropriate add-ons and also accessories. If you’re all set to record your demo, ours Portland music shop sells professional recording equipment, including mixers, software and microphones. For anyone needing equipment for a live show, our live sound department contains PA systems, loudspeakers, PA monitors, subwoofers, headphones and also more. Protect against by Guitar facility North Portland this day to experience and also hear our commodities first-hand.

Guitar center North Portland services

Our local music shop in Portland provides a variety of solutions to aid musicians achieve their purposes when it comes to making music. Learn how to play an tool with expert lessons, available for all ages and skill levels. Our instructors teach guitar, bass, piano, drums and also more. Finding out to beat is simply the beginning. We also provide repairs, maintain and change services come ensure the your instrument stays in height playing condition. All set to beat a show or record a song? Guitar center North Portland has an assortment that high-quality live sound gear and also instruments accessible for rental for when you’re traveling, have an upcoming present or space working top top a new project. Contact Guitar facility North Portland come learn an ext about our repair and also maintenance services, to schedule your very first lesson, or acquire the equipment rentals girlfriend need.

Start do the Music friend Love: Visit Guitar center North Portland

From playing music at residence or rocking out through friends to play your an initial live show, us have everything you must keep the music going. At Guitar facility North Portland, us love music simply as lot as friend do and also want girlfriend to find the music instruments, equipment and also accessories you should pursue her passions.

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Browse our music save inventory online or protect against by Guitar facility North Portland to discover how us can assist you through your following project.