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This multi-family house is located at 1100 SW 6th Ave, Gainesville, FL. 1100 SW sixth Ave is in Gainesville, FL and in ZIP code 32601. This residential or commercial property has about 27,007 sqft the floor space. This property has actually a lot size of 0.28 acres and was constructed in 2012.


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"you constantly see dog's because that the most component their friendly and the owners pick up! dogs are certainly not a difficulty in this neighborhood. So feel free to have a dog or 2 only concern may it is in barking. "
"There aren’t any kind of sidewalks, so you have to walk in the street. Watch for cars when you’re the end walking your fur babies. "
"Young household oriented neighborhood. Plenty of young couples with young children. Located within walking street to primary school school. "
"This is a tranquil people and also pet-friendly area; and Springtree Park is being revitalized for family members use by the City the Gainesville."
"Dog owner are constantly strolling around. Kind to pick up after ~ them but a many don’t. People walk your dogs about on leashes."
"We have actually just moved here in the last day and also don’t know much about the neighborhood. It appears very nice and the human being friendly."
"Limited to little dogs. Strict rules and also regulations that space enforced. Ar Watch very active."
"Amazing trees and also gardens and also public spaces. I job-related from home. Quiet. I can likewise ride mine bicycle. The neighborhood is an extremely friendly."
"Walking trails transparent the neighborhood are great! Most world in the neighborhood have dog and/or kids! "
"Not a lot of of small children in neighborhood. Quite quiet place to live. Feel fairly safe here. Among the best neighborhoods in town."
"Downtown area and also Publix in ~ walking distance. Ar can it is in noisy at times but in its entirety it is a good place come live, particularly with a family. "
"There a many dogs therefore you need to be vigilent while wade yours in situation someone's no paying attention and the dogs walk crazy."
"I really like living in the neighborhood and feel safe walking my dogs late at night. Close to shops and also parks. "
"Quiet family oriented neighborhood. Safe. Blocks from UF Stadium, Publix and also Target. Mostly households here however a couple of UF students together well. "
"There room a most young households here, mainly with youngsters in middle school period range. Shopping is near by, if you like Walmart, there's one less than a mile away. Over there are good schools adjacent too, and also lots that Churches."
"Pretty centrally located, functioning class and also mostly trusted neighbors. Feeling safe walking dog at night in Cedar Creek. Practically location. "
"Friendly neighbors who respect your privacy however are constantly willing to loan a hand. Safe sufficient to permit your kids walk or ride their bike come school."
"I love Gainesville. Ns glad we relocated here. The rental is expensive but it’s precious every penny. I can’t wait come buy a residence here. "
"NE (Northeast Neighbors) area from east University Avenue ninth ST to NE 11TH ST and also Waldo RD north to NE 4th Avenue is ~ above the whole friendly and also clean but not a safe area in ~ night time. There is a far-ranging amount that crime and bad task that requires one come be mindful at night. I wouldn’t desire to raise a small child here. The nice gift close come downtown and the historical district yet it’s really near other negative neighborhoods. ~ 20+ year here, ns moving."
"There is near stores and restaurants. Ns love the here. We are looking come buy a house and also we decided to stay in this area as result of the way things are here. Cute houses and close to whatever without every the traffic. "
"There room no breed restrictions and also plenty of areas to walk dogs in my neighborhood. However, over there is no ar to let dog run roughly without a leash."
"Depot Park is fantastic. Farmers industry is an excellent too. Living near downtown has benefits. Web traffic isn’t too negative in general "
"The roads aren’t too busy, so children can beat safely in the streets. The roads are lit and also quiet, but there room no sidewalks. Over there is additionally a brand-new park nearby by the my family and I room able come bike to, or it’s simply a 3 minute drive. "
"Well dog owner would certainly like open up spacious areas so your dogs can roam around, but what lock wouldn't prefer is to have actually other dogs wonder into their own property. For this reason keeping large areas fenced in would be awesome."
"Very safe and friendly neighborhood. Great schools, beautiful parks, and shopping within walking distance."
"i have been living right here for 5 years. Constantly have had actually noce neighbors. If it wasnt for needed an ext space since we have actually started a family we would certainly stay."
"Several longtime residents, and everyone is nice friendly. The canopy the pine trees is a beautiful sight, particularly in the middle of town. Walking come Ward's and also Curia is one of the finest features, and also ready access to sixth Street way quick trips to many places, prefer downtown, UF, and also the airport. Ns love the here."
"I lived right here 1996-2013. I recognize the neighbors and I constantly felt safe. Everything I necessary was within walking street - fitness and Ring Park; schools and also shopping; restaurants and also bus routes.At the center of it all is the serenity this residence exudes."

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1100 SW 6th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601 is a 27,007 sqft multi-family built in 2012. This residential property is not currently obtainable for sale. The existing estimate for 1100 SW sixth Ave is $256,915.

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