Kenneth Sanders, was elected Judge by the citizens of Tarrant County’s Precinct 7 to offer as your Justice of the tranquility Court representative.  Sanders, a product that the FWISD graduating from Paul Laurence Dunbar, before beginning his collegiate matriculation at Tarrant ar College, later finishing his Bachelor’s degree at southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The has enjoyed a effective career in supply chain and performance manufacturing management with such carriers as Lockheed Martin and also General Motors.


Sanders leveraged his job-related experiences as a leader, one astute observer and problem solver to be a pressure of adjust in the world of politics. “My management qualities, temperament and also myriad expert experience are key strengths I bring to any kind of task.”


Sanders and also his 4 sisters, anchored by love parents, comprise a family members that prides chin on tough work and also community service. 

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State the Texas Eviction Diversion routine - reliable February 1, 2021

The Texas Eviction Diversion regimen (TEDP) helps Texas tenants stay in their homes and provides landlords an different to eviction. The TEDP may administer up to 6 months the rental help for default tenants who are behind on their rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic and have been sue for eviction. Both the tenant and also the landlord should agree to participate and meet the needs in the graph below. This temporary program is a distinctive partnership between the supreme Court the Texas, Texas Office the Court Administration, and also the Texas room of Housing and Community work (TDHCA). Assistance deserve to be provided to pay the full contracted rent that is past due (up to 5 months), and also the remainder may be supplied to pay for succeeding months of aid (up to a total of 6 months). The TEDP uses a one-of-a-kind court procedure that enables courts to put eviction lawsuits ~ above hold and also divert them come the TEDP. Under the TEDP, lump amount payments are noted to landlords because that rental arrears in exchange for permitting tenants to remain in your homes and forgiving so late fees. Diverted situations will it is in dismissed and also made confidential native public disclosure.For more information ~ above the State the Texas Eviction Diversion Program, click the web links below:

Texas justice Branch

Texas room of Housing ar Affairs

Texas Eviction Diversion regime (TEDP) Overview

TEDP Brochure

TEDP brochure - Spanish

Payment for previous Due rent Form

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File your situation online

For her convenience we now offer E-Filing. Use EFILETEXAS to file new situations and add additional papers to existing small claims, eviction or debt case cases. This company does not provide a step-by-step guide. Files have to be scanned into the program before filing.It is vital to remember the you may incur added fees. The court will develop the an initial copy (original) for our documents at no charge, yet any extr copies, such together petitions that need to be attached come citations the the court generates to be offered to defendants, will certainly be an additional charge. The fees room $1 for the first page and 25 cent for every web page thereafter. You re welcome remember the a copy of any kind of original petitions will be essential for each named defendant. **PLEASE NOTE situations FILED after 3:30P.M. Will BE embraced THE NEXT business DAY**