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Glenolden is a borough in Delaware County that was included in 1894. What began as a two-street settlement easily grew right into a residential area with booming businesses and also a train station. Glenolden station’s provider is Southeastern Pennsylvania transport Authority (SEPTA), which offers southbound services to Wilmington and also Newark, and northbound solutions to Philadelphia.

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Not far from Glenolden is the Philadelphia global Airport. Shopping and also dining choices can be found at MacDade Mall. Take it a stroll with Glenolden Park, wherein you deserve to rest under a towering collection of oaks the overlook Muckinipattis Creek, or take the children to play at the playground for the afternoon.

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100 E Glenolden Ave is within 11 minutes or 4.7 mile from Swarthmore College. It is also near Widener University and also University that the Sciences.


Transportation options easily accessible in Glenolden include Glenolden, located 0.2 mile from 100 E Glenolden Ave. 100 E Glenolden Ave is close to Philadelphia International, located 5.8 miles or 13 minute away, and brand-new Castle County, located 25.4 miles or 39 minutes away.

You might be able to get out and also walk when living in this area. Part errands deserve to be accomplished on foot, but for rather you’ll need a car.
You might have the ability to find locations to ride her bike in this area, however you’ll most most likely want your vehicle for many errands.

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Time and also distance indigenous 100 E Glenolden Ave.

100 E Glenolden Ave has actually 3 shopping centers in ~ 0.7 miles, i beg your pardon is about a 15-minute walk. The miles and minutes will be because that the the furthest away property.
100 E Glenolden Ave has 5 parks within 6.6 miles, consisting of John Heinz national Wildlife Refuge, Scott Arboretum, and also Cobbs Creek ecological Education Center.

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