What Do You Need to Know about String Trimmer?

What Do You Need to Know about String Trimmer?

A string trimmer that is also called a weed-whip or line trimmer is a tool using a flexible monofilament line for cutting grass and other plants instead of a blade. The cutting can be done not only on the flat terrain but also on steep or irregular one. In general, string trimmer includes a cutting head at the end of a long shaft which comes in a handle and a shoulder strap.

In general, there are two main types of this device including gas string trimmer and an electric one. However, electric models can either be corded or cordless. While gas trimmers can work and cover a large area, the electrical products are ideal for smaller yards. The article below will mention about these two models as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Gas-powered string trimmer


This device will be perfect for cutting the tall grass and weeds, even the bushes in a wide area. Moreover, one of the outstanding features of the best gas string trimmers is the dual trimmer heads which help cut faster. It is also designed with a wider range of attachments.

Furthermore, the gas trimmer is equipped with a translucent tank so that the user can follow fuel level easily. Thanks to a centrifugal clutch that allows a gas trimmer idle without spinning the line, it is more convenient and safe.


Although some models are less than 13 pounds in weight, they are still heavier than their competitive products. Besides that, the gas-powered trimmers run and produce exhaust emissions, although the newest models are designed with a deflector to aim exhaust backward and minimize this limited aspect. Therefore, today’s trimmers run more cleanly. The two-cycle engine requires a mixture of gas and oil, and it is necessary to have periodic maintenance to keep the machine working smoothly.

Electric string trimmer


Unlike gas models, the electric trimmers do not require the mix of gas and oil. It makes little or no noise during the working process. They start with only a push button so that the startup is quite easy. Electric trimmers designed with a top-mounted motor will help the user to be better balanced and easier to handle.

The cordless-powered trimmers supply cord-free mobility without any fueling, fumes, or pull starting. This product is best suited for smaller jobs with moderate-length grass because they trim impressively and reasonably. In addition, the weight, which is less than 10 pounds, is lighter than the gas one. One of the reasons why electric string trimmer is more popular is that the machine is more economical because of its low maintenance.


The user will meet many difficulties with the electric models when cutting the grass in the various terrains and large scale. Moreover, the power cord limits your range, and they need to recharge the machine after every use, which can take at least 30 minutes, even hours for some models.

To sum up, no matter what kind of string trimmer you use to clean your garden. We still recommend you wear hearing protection when working for safety. This machine can become a dangerous tool when it causes debris, including stones or rocks, to go flying in several directions. Hence, the safety glasses or a visor will protect your face, especially the eyes from a strange object that could cause a person to be blinded for life.

We hope the information above will help you understand some more about this tool. Since then, you also have a more accurate view of the string trimmer and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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