Immersion Blenders Review

Immersion Blenders Review

Every time our mixer leaves chunks in the puréed soup or we do not feel like carrying the mixer for making whipped cream, we think regarding purchasing an immersion blender. We have looked at this portable blender as an unnecessary extra kitchen gizmo for many years, but now we are beginning to change our opinion.

An immersion blender is a multi tasking genie. Blending soups into velvety goodness is simply the beginning. You may also make use of best immersion blender for making mayonnaise, fruit smoothies, creamy vinaigrettes, whipped cream and even pesto.

An immersion blender, often termed as hand blender or wand blender, is lovingly called by its admirers as boat motor. These kitchen devices, that had been almost unheard of in the past, gained culinary superstar status over night. Now, they’re must haves for bakers, foodies, smoothie makers, soup lovers and anyone who is able to cook and really loves truly helpful kitchen gadgets.

The term Immersion blender generally describes a home appliance which is used to mix various ingredients or foodstuffs in a particular container so that the foods get ready. These are electric wand shaped devices, having blender blades in the bottom. These are of sufficient length that can be put inside a tall glass or even soup pot, without the necessity to pour fluids into the blender and back to a pot or a glass.

The standard immersion blender is available in two pieces: the handle plus the shaft. The shaft is usually about one foot long, could be immersed in liquid (therefore the word immersion blender), and generally ends with a sharp set of whirring – blades that change food into a yummy puree. At its simplest, the handle includes a single button which may be pressed to turn the cutting blades into time saving and efficient culinary weaponry.

Types of immersion blenders

As these kitchen boat-motors are becoming more common, manufacturers have started to make sophisticated models with different features and accessories beyond the usual single button model.


The current stick blender may have a cord or may be cordless (an excellent feature because the cord usually appears to get in the way).


A few immersion blenders have different speeds just like a regular blender. This really is nice due to the fact harder foods do well while blended on slow speeds just like a few delicate foods such as cream. Eventually, having more speeds implies additional control over the consistency of anything you blend.

Versatile attachments

Best of all, a few immersion blenders have convenient attachments besides the shaft along with the blending blades. Actually, there are attachments to replace almost all of the features of blenders, food-processors and also stand mixers. This consists of discs to whip cream, food processor like choppers, paddles for mixing up soft ingredients and also a select model even comes with an electric knife-blade attachment. However, no-one manufacturer is making a stick blender with all of these kinds of attachments, so while selecting a stick blender, you’ll have to choose which attachments you will find most useful.

Immersion Blenders: What to Look For

Check the wattage

When getting an immersion blender, buyers should look into wattage of the blender. Wattage usually ranges from 150 watts to 550 watts. the performance and the speed of the blending will be impacted by wattage. Immersion blenders with lower wattage may have a problem in blending solid foods and sometimes thick liquids. Some types of immersion blenders feature various speeds, which can be helpful for various blending tasks.

The stainless steel blades

The blades of a good quality blender, regardless of whether counter-top or hand held blenders, must be made out of hardened stainless-steel, which could support crushing ice. Ensure the blender fits perfectly into your hand in order that you don’t stress your wrist or arm while using the blender. Make sure to see whether the wand detaches and attaches to the motorpart of the blender, and whether the blender has a on-off button and settings for various speeds.

Detachable wands

Good quality immersion blenders usually have removable wands, so the wand may be put in the dishwasher and cleaned, separately . This makes cleaning up easier and ensure the electrical components don’t get wet. A few of them are cord less, so the cook isn’t restricted to working directly adjacent to the electrical outlet.

Immersion blenders range between $10 US Dollars for a simple model to $200 US Dollars and higher for good quality blenders with many different features. These handy gadgets come in an array of colors and designs.

If you aren’t worried about your budget you can go for the best quality of immersion blenders available for sale based on most immersion blender reviews. On the other hand, there are actually number of low-cost immersion blenders also. these blenders are low-cost doesn’t mean that they’re not efficient or you won’t get benefited by utilizing low-cost immersion blenders. The fact is, you shouldn’t consider the prices of an immersion blender. You must only search for the type of features you’ll need. This way, you would get the best immersion blender for yourself.

Start simple then progress into deluxe immersion blenders.

Ultimately, you are looking at something that fits the way you cook. If you’ve never purchased an immersion blender, there’s nothing wrong with buying a corded, basic one speed blender. Once you discover how functional this kitchen device can be, then you can certainly try out various attachments and power options of an advanced model.

In a nutshell, the different features you will check out are one touch on-off button, comfy handle, motor-body housing, removable shaft, blending accessory with stainless-steel blade, effortless cleaning, user friendly etc. The motor of the immersion blender has a huge role in the efficiency of the immersion blender. Thus, you ought to have good idea regarding the motor of the immersion blender you would like to buy. The external appearance of an immersion blender is additionally important.

Think wise and purchase immersion blenders you will be more comfortable with.

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