How to choose the best incubator and fertile eggs?

How to choose the best incubator and fertile eggs?

To have a small flock of chicken, we need a hen which can lay a clutch of eggs, and she will take them over in her instincts. Usually, she will not leave her nest and spend all time to take care the eggs. Becoming a mother is a big responsibility for a hen. However, let’s the eggs hatch with a hen does not bring useful result in business. Therefore, nowaday, there are lots of egg incubator for sale in the market. This is one of your solutions helping you get the best result. This article will introduce to you How to choose the best incubator and fertile eggs with some small notes

Choose the fertile eggs.

The quality of eggs will decide to the rate of hatching eggs and the strength of your flock, so do not look down this problem. It will be easy and simple if you have a flock of chickens with a strong roster because most of the eggs that they lay will be perfect for incubating. You can collect a suitable number as soon as possible and transfer to the incubator.  In another case, you just start a business and do not have any flock of chicken; you can ask your friends or some nearby farmer to buy the fertile eggs. The closer to home, the better the eggs are. The fluctuation of temperature and humidity caused by transport create some hard in developing process. With the fertile eggs, the hatching rate is from 75 to 90 %. However, with some mail-order, there is nothing to make sure they will hatch. Moreover, the eggs from supermarket or stores are not a good choice for you. Your effort can become useless if you do not care about the source of eggs. The more fertile the egg are, the higher hatching egg we have. Therefore, make sure that you have a good source of eggs.

After having fertile eggs, do not clean them, because there is a natural coat which protects the success of the embryo. You can pick some clean eggs to incubate. When picking eggs, you are as gentle as possible. The eggs are extremely breakable, and the embryos are susceptible to damage from sudden movements.

If you can not bring all of them to the incubator, you can store them in the eggs carton with a temperature from 50 to 60 degree and 75 % humidity. The development of the eggs can be delayed for ten days.

Choose an incubator.

An incubator is about 50 dollars for the homesteader and the thousands of dollar if you want to open a big company. However, no matter big or small, cheap or expensive, the good incubator should have some features:

– Temperature: the egg needs to be kept at 100 F degree during the incubating process. Some higher or lower level of temperature can destroy all of your eggs.

– Humidity: the ideal level is about 40 to 50 percent first 18 days and 65- to 75 % for final days.

– Ventilation: egg sell are porous which allows oxygen to come can reduce carbon dioxide to exit. Incubators also need to have holes for fresh air to circulate which help the embryo can breathe.

Besides, a high-quality thermometer and hygrometer can assist us in check the temperature and humidity to adjust the suitable level for an incubator. Some cheap models usually do not have this tools, so let’s choose an opt for a combo thermometer/hygrometer with an external display. They have a sensor and a LED screen showing the temperature as well as humidity. Therefore, you do not need to open the incubator to check these level which can affect the development of eggs.

One of outstanding feature of this device is the automatically rotating egg ability. For a hen, during incubating egg process, her movement can change the position of egg and keep ecosystem inside an egg in balance. Some high-end incubators can rotate and help the eggs have the best development.


There are usually 21 days incubating before they hatch.  To create the best condition the device, you should turn it on during 24 hours before putting the eggs and adjust the temperature and humidity. An ideal temperature is 100 F degree. Then you can put the eggs on their side of the incubator and close the door, then check the level to make sure everything is fine. Water may have to be added to pan to keep humidity until the first 18 days.

The best way for you is drawing X and O in both of side of eggs, three times a day; you can change its position. Finally, in last days, you can let them alone and wait for first chickens hatching.

In conclusion, these are some notes that you should pay attention before choosing the eggs and incubator. Hope with this notes, and you can get the best machine and have a good flock of chicken.

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